Improved speed response of DC motor via intelligent techniques

Hassan Farahan Rashag


The classical Proportional- Integral (PI) control for Direct Current (DC) motor causes slow response of actual speed with high overshoot and undershoot which leads to sluggishness of the system. To minimize the problem of PI controller, intelligent technique based on hybrid neural network sliding mode control NN-SMC is suggested.  The benefits of SMC are that it is simple, and tough to parameter deviations as compared with other controllers. In this paper, the neural network NN is used to minimize the error between reference speed and actual speed. In addition, the SMC aim is to control and optimize the voltage that is supplies the DC motor which guarantees the robust performance of the speed controller under disturbances. The proposed method for the speed control is first calculated and executed to DC motor by using MATLAB SIMULINK. The results of the suggested NN-SMC are compared with the traditional PI controller. The results obviously show the supremacy of NN-SMC over PI controller.

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