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Vol 8, No 1: March 2019 A categorical data analysis of impact of biogas on women of rural households – with examples from Nepal Abstract   PDF
Jyoti U. Devkota
Vol 6, No 2: June 2017 A CFD Study with Fuzzy Logic Pitch Angle Turbine Control Implementation for OWC Generation System Abstract   PDF
Mansour Madaci, Djallel Kerdoun
Vol 1, No 4: December 2012 A Coupling Method of Homotopy Technique and Laplace Transform for Nonlinear Fractional Differential Equations Abstract   PDF
Esmail Hesameddini, Mohsen Riahi, Habibolla Latifizadeh
Vol 7, No 1: March 2018 A Fusion Based Visibility Enhancement of Single Underwater Hazy Image Abstract   PDF
Samarth Borkar, Sanjiv V. Bonde
Vol 6, No 3: September 2017 A Fuzzy GA Based STATCOM for Power Quality Improvement Abstract   PDF
S. Deepa, K. P. Nithya, C. S. Ajin Sekar, V. Deepalakshmi
Vol 6, No 4: December 2017 A Fuzzy Logic Based Mppt Controller For Wind-Driven Three-Phase Self-Excited Induction Generators Supplying Dc Microgrid Abstract   PDF
B.Murali Mohan, M.Pala Prasad Reddy, M. Lakshminarayana
Vol 3, No 2: June 2014 A Key Agreement Protocol Based on Superior Fractal Sets Abstract   PDF
Shafali Agarwal, Ashish Negi
Vol 8, No 2: June 2019 A model free dissolved oxygen controller for industry effluent using hybrid variables measuring technique Abstract   PDF
P. Kingston Stanley, Sanjeevi Gandhi A., D. Abraham Chandy
Vol 2, No 3: September 2013 A New, Robust and Applied Model for Interpolation of Huge Data Abstract   PDF
Mehdi Zamani
Vol 6, No 3: September 2017 A Novel Analysis of Improving Displacement Factor Using IVDFC in Distribution Systems Abstract   PDF
M. Padmarasan, C.T. Manikandan, N. Karthikeyan, L. Jayaprakash, C.S. Ajin Sekhar
Vol 7, No 1: March 2018 A Novel CAZAC Sequence Based Timing Synchronization Scheme for OFDM System Abstract   PDF
Anuja Das, Biswajit Mohanty, Benudhar Sahu
Vol 7, No 2: June 2018 A Novel Handoff Necessity Estimation Approach Based on Travelling Distance Abstract   PDF
Jyoti Madaan, Indu Kashyap
Vol 8, No 3: September 2019 A Novel Impedance Source Fed H-Type Flying Capacitor Multilevel Inverter Abstract
Chinnapettai Ramalingam Balamurugan, P. Vijayakumar, T. Sengolrajan
Vol 8, No 3: September 2019 A Novel Multilevel Inverter with Reduced Switch Count Abstract
C.R. Balamurugan, K. Vijayalakshmi
Vol 5, No 2: June 2016 A Physiologic Model for the Problem of Blood Flow through Diseased Blood Vessels Abstract   PDF
Sapna Ratan Shah, S. U. Siddiqui
Vol 3, No 1: March 2014 A Review on Contamination of Heavy Metals, Linear Alkylbenzenes, Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons, Phenolic Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals and Organochlorine Compounds in Perna viridis from the Coastal Waters of Malaysia: A compilation of 1998 Data Abstract   PDF
C. K. Yap
Vol 6, No 2: June 2017 A Review on Energy Policies and Scenario in India Abstract   PDF
Shweta Goyal, Sachin Mishra, Anamika Bhatia
Vol 3, No 4: December 2014 A Review: Management of Alternaria and its Mycotoxins in Crops Abstract   PDF
Brian Gagosh Nayyar, Shaista Akhund, Abida Akram
Vol 7, No 4: December 2018 A Secure Data Transmission Scheme using Asymmetric Semi-Homomorphic Encryption Scheme Abstract   PDF
S. Nagavalli, G. Ramachandran
Vol 5, No 3: September 2016 A Simple Three-term Conjugate Gradient Algorithm for Solving Symmetric Systems of Nonlinear Equations Abstract   PDF
M. Y. Waziri, L. Muhammad, J. Sabi’u
Vol 5, No 2: June 2016 A Study on Big Data Techniques and Applications Abstract   PDF
K. Radha, B. Thirumala Rao
Vol 3, No 2: June 2014 A Thermally Non-equlibirium Approch for CFD Simulation of a Pulse Tube Refrigerator Abstract   PDF
Sachindra Kumar Rout
Vol 3, No 2: June 2014 A view Plan Sheet Pile: Design Chart for Cantilever Retaining Wall Construction for Active and Passive Earth Pressure in Baghdad Soil Abstract   PDF
Ali A Mohammed
Vol 8, No 3: September 2019 Active Power Loss Reduction by Opposition Based Kidney Search Algorithm Abstract
Kanagasabai Lenin
Vol 6, No 4: December 2017 Advances in Application of Fuzzy sets in electrical engineering Abstract   PDF
Aditya Jain, Balakrushna Tripathy
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