Frequency control of islanded microgrid using fuzzy-PI and autotuned controllers

Jitender Kaushal, Prasenjit Basak


Any mismatch between generation and demand causes frequency to deviate from nominal value which affects the microgrid operation and reliability of power flow. The load frequency changes abnormally, which is fuzzy in nature, due to low system inertia and unpredictable variation in wind and solar irradiance level. So a frequency controller is needed to solve this problem meeting generation and demand of an islanded microgrid system considering the fuzziness in frequency fluctuation. This paper presents a case study of a hybrid microgrid system consisting of PV system, wind turbine generator set, diesel generator set along with storage facility and equipped with a proposed fuzzy-PI controller for frequency control under islanded condition. This controller shows satisfactory steady-state response. Further, performance of the proposed fuzzy-PI controller is verified with that of an autotuned PI controller to get faster response. The change in frequency is found minimum in case of autotuned PI controller as compared to fuzzy-PI controller. The proposed fuzzy-PI controller is validated based on ITAE (4-7%) which is higher than that attained form autotuned-PI controller. The developed model is simulated in Matlab/Simulink environment in this case study.

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