Opposition based Red Wolf Algorithm for solving Optimal Reactive Power Problem

Lenin Kanagasabai


This paper projects Opposition based Red Wolf Optimization (ORWO) algorithm for solving optimal reactive power problem. Each Red wolf has a flag vector in the algorithm, and length is equivalent to the whole sum of numbers which features in the dataset of the wolf optimization (WO). In this projected algorithm Red wolf optimization algorithm has been intermingled with opposition based learning (OBL).  By this amalgamate procedure the convergence speed of the projected algorithm will be increased. To discover an improved candidate solution, the concurrent consideration of a probable and its corresponding opposite are estimated which is closer to the global optimum than an arbitrary candidate solution. Proposed algorithm has been tested in standard IEEE 14,300 bus test system and simulation results show the proposed algorithm reduced the real power loss considerably.

DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijaas.v10.i3.pp%25p


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