Protection Aspects of Microgrid Devices - A Review

Ashoke Kumar Basu


A microgrid makes the existing radial distribution network dynamic and more complicated.  The researchers suggest a microgrid as an entity to provide reliable, quality and efficient supply of both electricity and heat demands to its customers. A microgrid is a conglomerate of various types of devices in the distribution system. And all these types of devices, like DGs, communication type, microgrid topology, grounding type, transformer type etc, to name a few,  require fulfilling the various aspects of protection to suit the dynamic nature of the microgrid. In the present paper the author has concentrated on characteristics, construction etc of these devices and has presented a unique review on researchers’ works in the context of microgrid protection. The author is optimistic that this review-work would be useful for future research in the field of microgrid protection as well as in the selection of its devices. 



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