Trainable generator of educational content

Vladimir Rotkin


As the main problem of the research, the possibility of creating a universal educational platform that combines the possibilities of an online generation of educational content with the interface of the training process itself was considered. The methodology of the educational platform has been developed, in which the mass generation of content is carried out at random, based on simulation models of educational objects. A matrix interface is used, which allows performing custom operations by entering a sequence of typical operators. The system forms a reference base of operators, replenishing it from user solutions, which makes it possible to train and improve the system in order to provide methodological support to student users. An active demo layout of an educational content generator was created and tested, using the example of a specific problem from school mathematics. All methodological options function in the layout. There are three interface options: administrative, training and control. It was concluded that the approach based on the simulation of educational objects makes it possible to create a unified algorithmic platform that combines the functions of content generation with educational training. The system contains a unique option to teach yourself based on its interaction with students.

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International Journal of Advances in Applied Sciences (IJAAS)
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