Skin cancers image classification using transformation and first order statistic features with artificial neural network classifier

Asmaa Abdulrazaq Alqaisi, Loay Edwar George


Skin cancer is one of the most dangerous types of cancer. Some types of this cancer lead to death, so cancer must be discovered and indexed to avoid its spread through initial detection in the impulsive stage. This paper deals with the detection and indexing of different types of melanomas using an artificial neural network (ANN) depending on the international skin imaging collaboration (ISIC) 2018 dataset that was used. The pre-processing is the most important part because it formulates an image by insolated the cancer part from the skin image. It consists of four stages, removable, cropping, thinning, and normalization. This phase has been used to eliminate all the undesirable hair particles on the image lesion. The cropped image transforms into frequency domain coefficients using discrete cosine transform (DCT), discrete wavelet transform (DWT), and gradient transform for sub-band images to extract its feature. The statistical feature extraction is implemented to minimize the size of data for ANN training. The experimental analysis used dataset ISIC 2018 consisting of seven different types of dermoscopic images (this paper deals with four types only). For classification purposes, ANN was implemented and the accuracy obtained is about 88.98% for DWT, 85.44% for sub-band DCT, and 76.07% for sub-band gradient transform.

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