Phasor measurement unit application-based fault allocation and fault classification

Sonu Kumar Bairwa, Satyendra Pratap Singh


This paper makes a contribution to the field of fault location finding in a new way that helps in the improvement of grid reliability. This paper proposes a study-based approach for fault allocation and fault type classification that uses the study of voltage and current frequency during the abnormal condition. Although, ideally frequency of voltage and current are the same in the abnormal condition they may differ from each other. This difference in frequency is separately measured by the phasor measurement unit (PMU) block at MATLAB/Simulink platform. The PMU (PLL-based, positive-sequence) block is inspired by the IEEE Std C37.118.1-2011. In this approach, we measure the line voltage and current frequency variation with the help of installed PMU after this we present this measurement in characteristics form with the help of the scoping tool in MATLAB/Simulink and study them one by one, and proposed a conclusion for fault location identification and fault type classification. The proposed approach is able to identify the source side and load side fault location and also able to classify faults into two categories namely symmetrical and asymmetrical. The proposed approach is tested on two MATLAB/Simulink models and observed satisfactory.

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