An improved golden jackal optimization algorithm for combined economic emission dispatch problems

Ramamoorthi Ragunathan, Balamurugan Ramadoss


In this research paper, a new improved golden jackal optimization (IGJO) algorithm is applied to address the combined economic emission dispatch (CEED) problem, along with various thermal generator constraints such as valve point loading (VPL) effect, generator limits (GL) in power system. The hunting behavior of the golden jackals is mimicked in the golden jackal optimization (GJO) algorithm. The main aim of the CEED problem is to find the best optimal generation scheduling while minimizing both fuel cost and emission besides meeting the different power system constraints. The original GJO algorithm faces challenges when dealing with high-dimensional optimization problems, as it tends to get trapped in local optima. To address this issue the opposition-based learning (OBL) method was adopted in this GJO algorithm to obtain the global optimal solution and ensure enhanced performance in finding the solution for the CEED problems. To assess the competitiveness of the IGJO algorithm, it is used for various CEED test problems available in the literature, and results are contrasted with other recent heuristic optimization algorithms. Simulation results show that the proposed IGJO performs more effectively than the other compared algorithms in terms of solution quality, and robustness.

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