Development of a soil electrical conductivity measurement system in paddy fields

The-Anh Ho, Van-Huu Bui, Van-Khanh Nguyen, Dinh-Tu Nguyen, Chi-Ngon Nguyen


This study aims to develop a data collection system for measuring soil electrical conductivity (EC) in Paddy Fields using the Wenner measurement principle, with one electrode configuration based on the Veris 3100 measuring machine, and a second electrode configuration with fixed electrodes. The result is a system that measures soil EC using the fixed electrode configuration for more stable results compared to the coulter electrode configuration on the Veris 3100. This system comprises three main components: a 7-inch industrial touchscreen monitor used for real-time monitoring and storing collected data on external memory, a controller that provides reverse direct current (DC) power supply to the electrodes and measures voltage and current parameters on the electrodes, two mechanical configurations including six electrodes in contact with the soil. The system is developed to operate best after soil preparation and before seed sowing. The collected data is processed and compared to actual measurements using an artificial neural network (ANN), resulting in an R2=0.7449, equivalent to linear regression. The system has been successfully installed and operated on a handheld tractor and tested in Paddy Fields on the outskirts of Can Tho City, Vietnam.

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