Ecological assessment of pastures semi-deserts and dry steppes of Azerbaijan

Afat Mammadova Oqtay, Roza Mammadova Nazim, Nargiz Ashurova Dursun


The absence in the scientific literature of criteria for assessing the ecological status of pasture lands, insufficient knowledge of the use of predictive methods and technology for carrying out special agrochemical measures, as well as issues of permissible loads, served as the basis for choosing the topic of research work. For the first time, in the conditions of pastures in Azerbaijan, an environmental and energy assessment of soil-landscape complexes was carried out. A detailed and final quality assessment was drawn up on soil scale, and the coefficient of their comparative merit was determined. A scientifically based system of agrochemical measures for the superficial and fundamental improvement of pastures has been developed. The final bonitet scale, reflecting the level of fertility of soil varieties, showed that the soils of the Jeyranchol massif turned out to be the most fertile at 62 points, compared with them, the pasture soils of Ajinohur on average across the massif received 53 points, Gobustan 51 points, and the Kura-Araz lowland 55 points. On average, pasture lands in Azerbaijan are valued at 55 points, which indicates the need for agro-reclamation measures. The types of forage plants are distributed as follows: i) Cereals 116, 12%; ii) Asteraceae 109, 11.2%; iii) Legumes 82, 8.4%; iv) Brassicas 59, 6.2%; 6%; v) Cloves 50, 5.3%; vi) Lamiaceae 42, 4.6%; vii) Linear 40, 4.2%; viii) Goosefoot 6, ix) Gimletaceae 32 species, 3.4%; x) Umbrellas 38, 4.4%; xi) Other 339 types, 35.5%.

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