True Power Loss Reduction by Mountain Zebra, Augmented Bat and Improved Kidney Search Algorithms

Dr Lenin Kanagasabai


In this paper optimal reactive power problem is solved by Mountain Zebra Algorithm (MZA), Augmented Bat algorithm (AB) and Improved Kidney Search (IKS) algorithm. Mountain Zebra Algorithm (MZA) emulates the searching techniques of the Mountain Zebra behaviour. Mountain Zebra search in group to find the food. Alike to plain zebras, Mountain zebras do not be in cumulative into big herds; only they structure as small family groups consisting of a solo stallion around one to five mares, jointly with their current offspring’s. Single males reside in divided groups, and adult single try to confine young mares to set up a harem. Mainly Mountain Zebra utilize unique logical, supportive and self-determining tactic to search the grassland. Then in this paper Augmented Bat algorithm (AB) to solve optimal reactive power problem is proposed to solve optimal reactive power problem. Bat algorithm is mimicked from the actions of the Bat and it fly randomly to look for the prey. Many times standard Bat algorithm often falls into the local optima when applied to many optimization problems.  In the proposed algorithm an intermediate state has been established at first, and then explores the intermediate state in order to obtain the global optima. Iterative local search implemented in this projected algorithm.  This technique enhances the search procedure in rapid mode. Then in this work Improved Kidney Search (IKS) algorithm has been proposed for solving optimal reactive power problem. In initial phase, a random population of probable solutions is created and re-absorption, secretion, excretion are imitated in the search process to check various conditions entrenched to the algorithm.  The algorithm has been built to advance the search even a potential solution moved to waste (W) and it will be brought back to the filtered blood (FB). Glomerular filtration rate (GFR) test is utilized to verify the fitness of kidneys.  Better Efficiency of the Proposed Mountain Zebra Algorithm (MZA), Augmented Bat algorithm (AB) and Improved Kidney Search (IKS) algorithm confirmed by successful evaluation in standard IEEE 14,118.300 bus test systems. Output shows that active power loss has been reduced.




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