Heart disease classification using various heuristic algorithms

Arif Ullah, Shakeel Ahmad Khan, Tanweer Alam, Shkurte Luma-Osmani, Mahanz Sadie


In the health sector, the computer-aided diagnosis (CAD) system is a rapidly growing technology because medical diagnostic systems make a huge change as compared to the traditional system. Now a day huge availability of medical data and it needs a proper system to extract them into useful knowledge. Heart disease accounts to be the leading cause of death worldwide. Heuristic algorithms have been exposed to be operative in supporting making decisions and classification from the large quantity of data produced by the healthcare sector. Classification is a prevailing heuristic approach which is commonly used for classification purpose some heuristic algorithm predicts accurate result according to the marks whereas some others exhibit limited accuracy. This paper is used to categorize the attendance of heart disease with a compact number of aspects. Original, 13 attributes are involved in classifying heart disease. A reasonable analysis of these techniques was done to conclude how the cooperative techniques can be applied for improving prediction accuracy in heart disease. Four main classifiers used to construct heart disease prediction based on the experimental results demonstrate that support vector machine, artificial bee colony (ABC), bat algorithm, and memory-based learner (MBL) provide efficient results. The accuracy differs between 13 features and 8 features in the training dataset is 1.9% and in the validation, dataset is 0.92% of vector machine which is the most accurate heuristic algorithm. 

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijaas.v11.i2.pp158-167


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